Meet the dynamic and energetic group known as WOA Mini’s – a rising force in the world of dance. These young and talented dancers, aged between 5 and 12, are the embodiment of passion, dedication, and creativity. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, the WOA Mini’s share a common love for movement and expression.

Founded as an extension of the World of Afro community, WOA Mini’s is a platform where young dance enthusiasts can explore their potential and develop their skills. These budding performers delve into a range of dance styles, from Afrohouse, Amapiano, Azonto, Coupé Décalé and more, under the guidance of skilled mentor Precious.

Every practice session is a journey of discovery, a chance for these young artists to embrace the rhythm, connect with their peers, and hone their craft. Their commitment and hard work shine through as they showcase their talents at championships, local events, and even mini-theater shows.

WOA Mini’s isn’t just about dance; it’s about fostering teamwork, self-expression, and confidence in these young dancers. As they learn the intricacies of choreography, the African street styles and the joy of performance, they’re also building friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With each step they take, the WOA Mini’s are shaping the future of dance, bringing their unique perspectives and youthful energy to the stage. As they continue to grow and evolve, they inspire us all with their dedication to the art of movement and their unwavering enthusiasm for sharing their passion with the world.