As the founder of World of Afro, Precious Alvares embarked on the journey of creating this platform to establish an inspiring and inclusive community around the rich and diverse world of African dance styles. Her vision was to carve out a space where individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels could feel welcome to learn, grow, and express themselves through dance.

Driven by her passion for African dance, she aimed to provide a platform where this powerful and expressive art form is recognized and celebrated. She firmly believes that dance is a potent tool for bringing people together, promoting cultural exchange, and fostering individual self-development.

World of Afro’s core objective extends beyond the realm of just dance. She wanted to cultivate a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants, envisioning a sanctuary where inspiration thrives. She envisioned a space where aspiring artists like herself could flourish within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Her efforts encompass organizing a plethora of activities, including workshops, performances, events, shows, educational initiatives, and more. Through these endeavors, she strives to convey the sheer beauty and diversity encapsulated within African dance, aiming to engender a positive and transformative experience for all participants.

Moreover, she aims to address the historical dearth of opportunities available for individuals captivated by this artistic realm. Through World of Afro, she aims to bridge this gap, providing a platform that was conspicuously absent for those who share an affinity for African dance styles. In doing so, she embarks on a mission to nurture a community where artistic passion can be celebrated, skills can be honed, and the sheer delight of movement can be embraced to its fullest.