Shadia Rufai is a 28-year-old woman who lives in The Netherlands. She is a hardworking dancer who blends dance styles together, resulting in her own unique movement style. An enthusiastic lady who enjoys collaborating with others, she is a diligent worker and naturally curious to learn more. She started developing her interest in dance at the age of nine. FunkOmatic was the first school where she laid the foundation for her knowledge of Hip hop.

Moving forward in life, she completed a four-year dance education at MBO College Zuid, Amsterdam. Now, she travels as an all-round dancer with an even deeper understanding of other dance techniques such as Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Hip hop, and Afro Contemporary. She has immersed herself in the Afro dance genre, making it her main focus for over five years at Touchee Dance Company in Utrecht. The primary reason for choosing this particular style was to get closer to her roots, as she herself is of African descent and wanted to be educated in dance.

Shadia has had the opportunity to perform on various stages over the years. Locations such as The Royal Theater Carré, De La Mar theater, Youth Theater de Krakeling, and many more.



  • Next on stage x Rebuild | WOA
  • World Of Dance | 2nd place 018 | WOA
  • Black heritage festival | openings act |  WOA
  • Hip Hop Kingz | 2nd place 018 |WOA
  • Break A leg | WOA 


  • Next On Stage | providing a showcase | WOA
  • Belgium | providing a showcase | WOA
  • AFROBLOOD, Belgium | providing a showcase | WOA


  • Battle of the Drums | performed with Ritmo Percussion, won 1st place and crowd’s favorite | WOA


  • DANCE 4 LIFE | providing a showcase | PROJECT S


  • TONEY CHOCOLONELY FESTIVAL | providing a showcase