“At the tender age of three, Precious embarked on her remarkable journey in the world of dance, and over the years, she has evolved into a versatile and formidable dancer. Having completed her professional dance education in 2016, she expanded her horizons beyond performance, delving into teaching, choreography, hosting, creative directing, and even excelling as a skilled black hairstylist.

Her artistry now graces stages and studios nationwide. A living testament to her exceptional skill and unwavering dedication, she has emerged victorious in a spectrum of competitions, lending her exceptional choreographic talents to numerous artists and prominent television shows. Regardless of the context, Precious remains steadfast in her mission to amplify the voices of women and elevate the African modern street styles, including but not limited to Afro House, Azonto, Amapiano, and more.

Guided by an unwavering vision and mission, she possesses the ability to kindle motivation and inspiration both on a local and global scale. Since 2016, her passion has been channeled into the creation of ‘World Of Afro,’ an impactful platform dedicated to showcasing diverse African dance styles and fostering the growth of dance on a domestic and international level. With each passing day, this platform gains momentum, propelling dance into a more prominent and influential position, not only in the Netherlands but globally. Today, it stands as the most prominent African dance community in the Netherlands.

At the heart of her ethos lies an unyielding commitment to providing a comprehensive, top-tier experience for all. This ensures that every individual departs with a radiant smile, their hearts touched by the transformative power of her artistry.”

Highlights | Extensive highlights


  • Producing and choreographing a theatershow named ‘Rebuild’
  • Hosting on main stage Milkshake festival Pon di Pride area
  • Educating children for Tv Program NTR Het klokhuis about African street styles
  • Choreographing for NPO Dans Project


  • Redbull Dance Yourstyle | Winner of the ‘Redbull Dance Yourstyle’ battle in The Netherlands
  • Hosting on main stage Milkshake festival Pon di Pride area


  • Choreographing a theaterpiece dedicated to the Surinam slavery independence | performed by WOA


  • Yuri Da Cunha | Performing in Portugal on live tv with Portuguese Artist Yuri Da Cunha


  • ‘Ontmoet South- Africa’Choreographing and directing South-African live dance battle. Made it up to 10k views on Facebook | performed by WOA | Client: Metro, the news paper