Nazanin started dancing at the age of 7.  Since then she has gained knowledge over different dance styles such as African street styles, Feminine and House. As of 2017 she has been dedicating all her time in dept learning the different African street styles Afro House, Kuduro, Azonto, Coupé Décalé, Ndombolo, Pantsula and Amapiano. In 2022 Nazanin started teaching African street styles to pass on all her knowledge to the next generation whilst also developing herself as a dancer. Apart from being a passionated dancer and performing, Nazanin is a Dive Master, Pianist and Business Administration graduate. 



  • REBUILD | Performing a full theater show | Choreographed by Precious Alvares 


  • Afro Dance Blast | WOA SOUNDSYSTEM
  • Tivoli Vredenburg, performing for 3000 people | WOA | Choreographed by Precious Alvares 


  • Afroblood | WOA SOUNDSYSTEM | Choreographed by Precious Alvares


  • KetiKoti, performing a theater piece | WOA | Choreographed by Precious Alvares


  • South African dance battle | WOA | Choreographed by Precious Alvares


  • Swazoom Live, Theater show | WOA | Choreographed by Precious Alvares
  • Multiple dance video’s on YouTube channel Petit Afro with 2,1 million subscribers, hitting over 70 million views