Maria Alabern Ibañez, 23 years old, hails from Barcelona.

Maria Alabern has always shared a profound spiritual connection with art and dance. She initiated her journey in dance during childhood, but it was at the age of 16 that she recognized dance as her life’s path, making a steadfast commitment to pursue her dreams. Her initial step involved rigorous training in Ballet and Contemporary disciplines in Barcelona (2017-2021).

In 2018, she encountered African Modern Street Styles and experienced an instantaneous and enduring infatuation. Since then, she has dedicated herself to learning and honing these styles. In 2021, she ventured beyond her comfort zone, embarking on a solitary move to the Netherlands. This move was fueled by her aspiration to seek fresh knowledge and broaden her artistic career. Her current primary focus centers on continuous growth as a dancer, with the goal of turning dance into her profession. At the core of her life’s ambitions is the desire to propagate love and unity through art. She firmly believes in the potency of art to facilitate healing and foster peaceful coexistence.



  • REBUILD | Lead role in a full-fledged theater production | Choreography by Precious Alvares


  • REVOLUTION.ENTERTAINMENT | Showcasing talent | WOA | Choreography by Precious Alvares

2020 – 2021

  • SÒMINES DE L’ÀRTIC | Dancer and actress in a musical theater performance | Cia.Tomapati


  • AL OTRO LADO DE LA PIEL | Lead role in a dance performance | Held at MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia), Barcelona.
  • AFROBEATS BARCELONA FESTIVAL | Dancer and model for Santa Braguita clothing brand | Venue: Sala Apolo, Barcelona.