Jenalee started dancing at Touchée when she was 13 years old. There, she takes Afro lessons from Precious Alvares, hip-hop from Sigourney Alvares, and modern from Esmee van L. However, she soon discovered that her greatest love was for Afro. In 2020, she participated in WOA, where she gained more knowledge about the various dance styles within Afro. There, she learned styles such as Afrohouse, Azonto, Amapiano, Pantsula, and Coupé Décalé. Jenalee began teaching in 2023 with the goal of promoting recognition for the different African dance styles in the Netherlands.



  • Klokhuis recordings with WOA


  • Performance at Speelklok with WOA
  • Performance at Bijlmerpark theater with WOA


  • Performance at Readytoconnect with WOA