Charsy Sousa Andrade is a 23-year-old female dancer born and raised in The Netherlands. Her passion for dance started at a local dance school in her hometown. At the age of 16, she applied for a comprehensive Dance Education program in Amsterdam. With hard work and dedication, she graduated and decided to continue her education in various dance styles at the Dance Academy of Fontys School of Arts. In 2023, Charsy graduated from the Academy as an all-around dancer.

Throughout her dance career, Charsy’s love for African dance styles began to grow. Over the past few years, Charsy has conducted extensive research within different styles to broaden her knowledge.

Charsy has had the opportunity to perform on various stages throughout her dancing years, including locations such as Theater Carré, De La Mar Theater, Theater Rotterdam, and many more.



  • REBUILD | Performing a full theater show | Choreographed by Precious Alvares 
  • Performing | Performing a full theater show | Choreographed by Dalton Jansen